Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Vegas Trip Report Part 2

Sunday morning around 10:30am I fought to shield the sun from my eyes as I stirred from my poolside slumber. The desk had told us early check in was at 11am but my thoughts were this had to be close enough and headed to see if a room could be had. The front lobby was bustling with people that had flown in that morning and the check-in line was growing fast. As I waited in line I noticed a few people leaving the counter with room keys........A good sign. I had been told to ask for a room in the North tower as they were nicer. I had been told to try the $20 tip trick for an upgrade. At that point, all I wanted was a room with two beds. A place to call home for a couple of days. By 11am we were checked in. We received a room in the South tower. It was a good size room but nothing special to note. We finally were checked into a room and that was all we really cared about at that point. My sisters did a rotation to put their pool gear on and were able to save their pool side lounge chairs. Their plan was to stay there resting for the afternoon. I showered, feeling refreshed by my poolside nap and the fact that I had a bed to get into.....eventually. My brother was out cold by the time I was done cleaning up so I left him a note to call me when he got up. I was heading for the MGM and their new poker room.

1pm Sunday I made it to the MGM's newly opened poker room. I was immediately impressed with it's size and the space between the tables. There is more than enough room and you definitely do not feel cramped. They could actually add several tables and still leave plenty of room for comfort. It's basically shaped like an arc with the cashier in the middle and they try and hold all limit games on one side with the no limit games on the other side. They have a table up top overlooking the sportsbook for high limit games that may come together. There was a waiting list for 4/8 so I put my name on it and took a seat in a 2/4 Kill game that had an opening. I cashed in for $100 and had doubled it by the time 2:30pm rolled around and my name was finally called for 4/8. I moved over to the 4/8 game and continued my steady climb. One particular hand stands out during this game. I was dealt AQs on the button and raised two limpers. The BB called as did the limpers. The flop came 9 Q 4 with two of my clubs giving me TPTK with the nut flush draw. It checked to me and I bet with the BB calling along with one of the limpers. The turn was an offsuit duece and it was checked to me again where I bet and was called in both spots. The river brought the 8 of clubs giving me the nut flush. This is where it gets interesting. The BB leads out so I immediately figure he's got the King and second nut flush. The MP limper calls and I raise. The BB re-raises me and we lose the MP limper. I re-raise him back and he re-raises me again with little hesitation. I re-raise him back and he re-raises me AGAIN! At this point I pause, double check the board to be sure I didn't miss a straight flush possibility, peek at my hole cards to be sure I didn't misread my hand and was sitting with the Ace of spades instead. I did in fact have the nuts and re-raised him back. This happened a total of six times from start to finish before he simply called. The table was into it and couldn't wait to see our hands. He actually beat me in turning over his hand and had the 6 and 7 of clubs giving him a baby flush one card from the straight flush. I turned over the Ace high flush and he just shook his head and I dragged a monster pot. I couldn't believe what had just happened. He re-raised me six times with a baby flush! Needless to say I was fast falling in love with poker at the MGM. At 5:45pm I cashed out with a little more than 4 times my buy-in.

6pm Sunday night the Monorail was broken down with a sign that read it will be open at 7am Monday. So I walked back to Bally's from the MGM.......It wasn't the last time this happened either. I don't get it. They spend gabillions of dollars on this monorail system which is quite nice when working.....I don't ever remember the monorail being broke down when it ran between MGM and Bally's. Why all the problems now that it is extended to the Sahara?

7pm Sunday evening was Siesta time. I napped hard until 9pm and it was much needed.

9:45pm we caught the limo to the airport to surprise my Dad for his 50th birthday. He had no clue we were there and Mom told him she got the limo to pick them up as part of his birthday trip. The driver was let in on our little surprise and went inside with one of those signs to snag them. We waited inside the limo for them.....Waiting for the moment to spring the surprise. While we waited another limo pulled in next to us. It wasn't unusual because there were several in line. All of a sudden eight, how should I say, larger women came up to it with at least two suitcases each. I looked at my brother and said, "there's NO WAY they're all getting in that same limo." The poor driver struggled stuffing their luggage in the trunk piece by piece and tying down the lid and they piled in one by one. Two of the larger ones played a quick game of rock/paper/scissors to see who got to take the seat up front and after some maneuvering and shuffling around they were off. I couldn't believe it but they all fit. I wouldn't say comfortably but they seemed to be having a grand 'ol time already.

Finally my parents were on their way out and they were beaming and excited.......My Dad excited to be in Vegas and my Mom the same with the addition of knowing that we were waiting in the limo and Dad had no clue. My brother had cracked the door on the opposite side we thought they'd come to as it was getting pretty damn hot in there while we waited and wouldn't you know my Dad headed to that side which was opposite of the way they came. I said, "He's coming your way." My brother pulled it as closed as he could while ducking down to stay out of view as my Dad grabbed the door handle and pulled it open while joking with the driver. His initial look was stunned as he saw us sitting there and we yelled surprise and happy birthday. He was truly surprised and couldn't believe what he was seeing as he climbed in and saw all of his now grown children sitting there ready to spend a couple of days in Vegas with him. It was priceless. Once back at Bally's they checked in and since they were out of "regular" rooms for the night they put them in a suite for the first night which was in the North tower and really nice. We talked for a short while and then made our way back down to the casino to do some gambling for a little while.

1am Monday morning I was sitting at a $10 minimum blackjack table and dropped $200 by 1:40am. I lost $120 on one hand where the dealer had a 6 showing and I split my 7's. I got another 7 and split again. I got another 7 and split again getting a 4 this time which I doubled down. I ended up with eight bets out when all was said and down between splitting and doubling down. My highest total was 18 which I wasn't thrilled with especially when the dealer turned over a 5 under that 6 and of course hit that 11 with a face card for 21. It was brutal. I then had to make my way to the craps table at 1:45am to drop another $240 on $5 minimum craps by 2:30am. It was time to get some sleep.

Next part will find us entering a couple of Sahara poker tournies with some ring game action and a straddler at MGM.

Baz Out.