Tuesday, May 31, 2005

5/27/05 @ Trump

I went to the Trump Riverboat Casino in Gary, Indiana Friday night for some live poker action.

I'm definitely glad I checked it out. Thanks go out to DP for the info and recommendation.

My brother and I got there around 9:15pm. Per DP's advice I called when we crossed the Indiana border and got put on the waiting list. I put myself on the list for 6/12 and my brother on the list for $200 Max NL. Calling to get on the list was crucial. It was crowded. It's a good size room, however, bigger than I expected and it was alive.

I was seated at 9:30pm in the 3 seat. My brother was seated about 10 minutes later. So all in all not a long wait time so I'd recommend anyone to call ahead to get put on the wait list. They will keep you on the list for up to an hour after you call. So you basically have to get there within the hour and check in after calling. This seriously cut down our wait on this Friday night.

I sat down right as it was my big blind and posted. First hand dealt.....AA. It was raised by a player in MP two players in LP called two bets cold, the small blind called, I re-raised, an EP caller called two more bets, and everyone else called for 6 players to see the flop. The flop was Jack high with two clubs. SB checked, I bet, and everyone called. The turn was a rag. The SB checked, I bet, one MP and one LP caller with the SB dropping. Three to the river which brought the 3rd club. I checked, MP bet, LP called, and I called. MP raked the pot hitting his flush at the river holding AK of clubs. LP showed pocket Queens. I mucked my Aces and thought to myself......."self....if this is how the night is going to go I'm in trouble."

So my Aces were cracked on hand number one. 6 people saw the flop with several calling two bets cold. This is how the night would go. 6-8 people seeing the flop was a regularity. The funny thing I learned later that night was my brother was dealt AA on his first hand as well (crazy) and his were beaten by a rivered flush as well. Except it cost him a little more as it was no limit.

A couple of hands later I was dealt KK and they held up for a nice pot. The table was very very similar to the online 2/4 tables. There were 4 solid players. There was two loose passive players. One ROCK.......and one LOOSE AGGRESSIVE player. Luckily for me the loose aggressive player was seated immediately to my right. He was frustrating the hell out of the two players sitting immediately to his right. He would raise every street sometimes and after the river show down NOTHING........And he would say in his thick oriental accent, "I got nothing!" It became a joke at the table. The thing that started to piss me off about him is he wouldn't show down his hand at the end......He'd wait to see what you had first before deciding to show or muck. Even when I called him down. The dealer had to get involved a couple of times and ask for the players to show their hands.

A couple big pots I won were when I turned the nut flush holding A4s out of the blinds and when my pocket ducks flopped a set although I didn't show them down because the only player left at the river laid his hand down to my river bet.

I played until 1:10am and cashed out up $247. It was definitely a good time and I will defintely be going back. I'm looking at a possible trip again this Friday night but will have to wait and see. Unfortunately my brother didn't fare so well. I told him I didn't like the max $200 NL game with blinds of 2/5 giving you only 40BB from the start to work with but he loves the NL game and will probably stick with it.

We shall see. Overall, my first $6/$12 experience was fantastic and it will be my limit of choice for awhile while visiting the Trump. I'm curious if there's a big difference between the 6/12 and 10/20 as far as skill level goes.

Haven't played much online.....cleared the Party bonus Saturday night. Will be having out of town guests getting in tonight through the weekend so will get in little to no time online this week.

Good luck to all. Hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday weekend.

Baz out.