Monday, May 23, 2005

Rake Back?

Looking to get feedback from anyone that gets rake back from any site they play on.

What site are you signed up through? Or is it with a single person affiliate?
Are these sites actually just single people that set up a site?
Are you happy with it?
Has anyone ever contacted a site they are currently on (Party Skin) and get added to or changed to an affiliate for rake back purposes? It seems that they would rather do this than lose your

I feel like I'm missing out on some money and have been checking out reviews of rake back sites. I have been considering registering at Full Tilt anyway and figure why not sign up through a rake back deal. If I end up playing half the time there and half at the Party skins I'll at least see some rake returns from the play there. I definitely want to take advantage of the $600 deposit bonus and think that over time they will be a major player in the online poker room world.

Additional thoughts?......Ideas?

Hope all is well.

Thanks in advance for anyone's thoughts and input.

Baz Out.