Friday, May 27, 2005

$6/$12 Live

Tonight I'll be heading off to Trump Casino for some $6/$12 live poker. My brother will dip his toes in the $200 max buy-in NL game. The blinds for the NL game are 2/5 which seems high to me. That's only 40BB with the Max buy-in. We'll see how it goes. This will be my first 6/12 action and I'm looking forward to it. The only limit lower is 3/6 and I'm guessing it's a donk fest. 6/12 will probably play similar to the 2/4 and 3/6 online. I don't know for sure......merely speculation. I won't be afraid to change to the 3/6 games if it's not a good game and the 3/6 looks to be. My old man isn't going to make it this time as he's afraid we'll be out all night which we very well may be depending on how it's going. That's the thing about going to the boats or a local "live" casino with someone else or a bunch of people. If you're sitting in a good game and doing well while one of your buddies gets hammered and is broke early I always feel bad and tend to get up from the game earlier than I would have otherwise. That's one of the great things about Vegas........there's a room not too far for your partners in crime to go up to if they aren't faring so well.

I played some more 2/4 last night working on clearing the Party reload. Have about 125 hands to go and I am down about $90. So basically if I brake even over the next session I'll brake even overall with the bonus. Most of it is due to Tuesday night where I lost close to $150 total. I played horrible. Reminder......When I get check raised or raised on the turn by a previously passive player my hand is no good. Release my hand!

I am definitely envious and wishing I was able to make it to the blogger gathering next weekend. I'll be looking forward to all of the write-ups and stories that are sure to come from it.

Til next time.
Baz Out