Thursday, October 05, 2006

Down is up....up is down.....

Everything's crazy since this stupid law got piggy backed in on the Port Security Bill. Could someone please explain to me why this is even allowed....we are talking apples and oranges here people.

Some people are taking a wait and see attitude. Some are being SUPER cautious and going so far as to cash all their money out AND go through their entire blog and deleting EVERY link to ANY poker site. I'm not judging or saying which is right or wrong....different strokes for different folks.

Myself.....I have cashed some money back to Neteller and left a little on Tribeca. I may deposit back onto Full Tilt or I may cash some or all out to my bank for live play in good 'ol Indiana. I will be keeping an eye on this for the time being. I will resist taking down my Full Tilt affiliate link for the time being. I love playing live anyway so this gives me a reason to get back out to the boats and play. It's been too long as I have been swamped at work. I will also look for more home game action. Shelly? I hear the Majestic Star II is now spreading a $100 Max 1/2 NL game that I'd like to try. They are also hosting a Heartland Poker Tour event the end of the month. I might try and satellite in or buy directly into a qualifier for $560. I may even see if some friends are interested in backing me for a %.

In any's going to be very interesting for awhile. We shall see how things begin shaking out.

Baz Out