Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Brutal Night for Bankroll

Last night I was able to get back online and play some poker after our out of town guests left.........I sat down and fired up two .25/.50 NL tables..........An hour and a half later I was down 100BB. I could sit here and whine about bad beats but the truth of the matter is I was stupid..........I am dying to clear my bonus at UB so I can cash out and move over to Party so I continue to play over my bankroll trying to clear it faster which seems ok if I don't play too far over my head and PLAY SMART!!!! The whole problem last night was I was inconsistent and not playing well. I should have recognized it and bailed. I couldn't lay down hands that I should be able to lay down early on and then when I started to turn it around and lay down my straight in MP to a pot sized bet with four to a diamond flush on the board.......The guy behind me calls and I'm thinking someone has the nut flush.......EP has top pair, Jacks with an Ace kicker and caller has SECOND PAIR!!! NO FLUSH!! I still think it was a proper lay down but it sent me on tilt for a few minutes before I shut it down.....Pissed.

I definitely need to go back to school........LIMIT TABLES ONLY.........Finish off my bonus this way at UB and move over to Party. Before this weekend I was having a good run at the UB NL Ring games........I will have to revisit them another time......Right now it's back to limit and learning.